Lore Edit

As much as the angels of the Divine Order represent ultimate good, the demons of Corruption represent ultimate evil. The demons are not native to Asperia – they emerge in the lands from a tremendous pit known as the Abyss, spawning from numerous portals inside. Their master is the evil mastermind known as the Lord of Corruption. He leads his minion armies only to bring chaos and death upon all. According to a famous conspiracy theory, the Lord of Corruption is actually just an agent of a higher power – the Primal Gods of Corruption. Has he really been sent to Asperia with the sole mission to pave the road for them?

Creatures Edit

Corruption, being one of the Evil factions in Spellweaver, builds its armies from from the beings of nightmares, terrifying Demons, Spirits, and the lingering Undead. Although very clumsy, Undead creatures can be very difficult to remove from the field. Corruption creature benefit from the death of other minions, and will usually have Zombies sitting on the battle field. "Flesh Sculptor" will replace dead creatures you control with Zombies, and "Infected Survivor" will summon a Zombie when it dies. Corruption focuses a lot on Zombies, making them nearly impossible to remove and giving them incredible trading potential with other creatures.

Spells Edit

Corruption spells wreck havoc on the enemy by weakening their minions and forcing them to discard fresh ones in their hand. "Noxious Fumes" and "Consume Spirit" weaken creatures on the field, making it difficult for the enemy to kill their Zombies. "Hands from Below" also reduces the Speed of enemy creatures by 1, making it easier for their Zombies to eliminate them. "splitting Headache" and "Sudden Delirium" can be used to take key cards away from the opponent, forcing them to find new solutions.

Heroes' Skills Edit

Corruption Heroes use their skills to further weaken the enemy. "Entangle" will make it easier for their Zombies to attack fast units, while "Zombify" and "Occultism" can be used to grow their army. "Soul Prison" may force the enemy to sacrifice valuable minions, and when use with "Zombify", will gain you a minion in return.