Lore Edit

Many years ago, the aristocratic families who reigned over Faessaya were noble and just leaders. They owned the richest and most prosperous lands in entire Asperia. During the Golden Age of Faessaya, there was no other faction that could match their wealth, resources, and influence. Then the fall started …. There were generation after generation of spoiled rulers, raised with the attitude of divine superiority and the feeling of an inherited right to own everything and everyone. They slowly but firmly forgot the ways of their forefathers.

The Faessaya Oligarchy was born. Resorting to dark arts and forbidden practices, its Families stopped at nothing in their lust to increase their wealth and power. Now their laboratories constantly work on creating new, wicked but powerful artifacts to help them prevail in battle. Their malicious doctors experiment day and night to bring new abominations to serve them. The weaker enemies are enslaved, the stronger killed. The captured enemy champions, considered valuable, are twisted according to Faessaya’s desire. What the Oligarchy cannot buy with gold, it can achieve with unbelievably horrific torture.

Faessaya always wants more and more, and it is not likely that owning the whole known world will satisfy its thirst.

Creatures Edit

Dominion is one of Spellweaver's Evil factions. Their minions are costly, but incredibly strong. "Shadowstep Assassin" is very cheap, and can trade with much stronger cards. "Swiftblade Assassin" is also a strong creature that Dominion can command, provided the price can be paid. "Moon Priestess" can grant Dominion decks an extra mana crystal, allowing them to play stronger cards earlier than their opposition. Other cards, "Bloodwell Matriarch" and "Dreyla, Ruthless Oppressor" can use the enemy's cards against them, recasting spells and stealing Exhausted creatures from the enemy.

Spells Edit

Dominion has the best creature control in the game, with many of their spell removing creatures from the field immediately. "Assassinate" can remove small, early game creatures from the field while they build up their army, and "Devious Plot" allows for the removal of large creatures at the cost of one of their own. If there are far too many creature to deal with, "Cataclysm" will destroy all creatures in play, leaving both sides empty. Dominion also uses many artifacts, called Implants to strengthen their creatures. The spell "Hypnotizing Whispers", the Implant "Helm of Dominion", and the Legendary creature "Dreyla, Ruthless Oppressor" can steal enemy creatures and bring them to their side of the board.

Heroes' Skill Edit

Playing along their theme of Greed, Dominion Skills provide abundances of every resource in the game. "Inner Power" will refill mana crystals, allowing for Dominion to play more creatures and spells. "Sell into Slavery" allows them to draw a card, and "Vampiric Touch" will gain the 2 life, as well as place a Weakness counter on a creature.