Keywords are abilities that can be found on multiple cards and are listed on the card as a single term instead of the full description of the ability. Below is the full list and description of all keywords currently existing in the game.

Deadly Edit

Any damage dealt by a creature with deadly to another creature counts as lethal. In cases when a deadly creature's damage will be split among multiple targets (such as being blocked by multiple creatures or being unstoppable), the creature will deal a single point of damage to each target until it runs out of assignable damage. In the case of unstoppable, the enemy hero will receive all remaining damage after a single point of damage is assigned to each creature blocking it.

For a creature to survive combat with a deadly creature, it must either destroy it before it assigns damage (such as using a ranged creature or an Instant Spell). In addition, creatures that are in combat with a deadly creature but receive no damage from it will not be destroyed at the end of combat.

Flying Edit

Creatures with flying are able to attack and block from the back row.

Lifebound Edit

Damage dealt by creatures with lifebound is returned to the hero as life. However, only damage that is actually dealt will be gained as life. Therefore, attacking creatures with only 1 health can yield at max 1 life gained from a lifebound creature.

Ranged Edit

Ranged creatures deal combat in a separate combat stage than non-ranged creatures. The ranged combat step occurs before the standard combat step. Ranged creatures only deal damage in the ranged step, and are not removed from combat until all combat is resolved (unless otherwise destroyed during ranged combat). Any creatures destroyed in the ranged combat step will be removed before the standard combat step begins.

Support Edit

Support creatures are creatures with minimal offensive combat ability and are therefore automatically assigned to the support line. However, these creatures can still be moved to the front line as needed.

Swift Edit

Swift creatures can attack immediately upon entering the field. In addition, swift creatures can move between the front and support lines without suffering penalties.

Unblockable Edit

Unblockable creatures cannot be blocked by your opponent's creatures. In addition, creatures attacked by an unblockable creature cannot be swapped out for a different blocker, regardless of creature speed.

Unstoppable Edit

Unstoppable creatures will deal any damage remaining after assigning lethal damage to blocking creatures to the enemy Hero.

Vigilant Edit

Vigilant creatures gain an additional +2 speed (up to 4 total speed) on the opposing Hero's turn. Protector of the InnocentProtector of the Innocent is currently the only creature with Vigilant.