Trials is a game mode in which you build a special deck by selecting one of three choices of cards 30 times. In Trial Mode, you only compete against other Trial Mode Decks.

Entering TrialsEdit

To enter the Trials, you either have to use a Ticket or pay 17,500 Gold.

Building your DeckEdit

Hero and AspectsEdit

Once you have entered the Trials Mode, you are presented with a choice of three different Heroes, each of them with two Aspects attached to them. The choice determines the Aspects you will be playing in this run.


After the choice of Hero and Aspects, you are presented with a selection of three different cards. Of those you must chose exactly one, which will be added to your deck. This process is repeated 30 times.

Cards are always of equal rarity. The only exception are Epic cards, which are paired with Rare cards.

Once you have made a choice, you cannot go back to change it.


After selecting a total of 31 cards (1 Hero, 30 other cards), some Shrines are added to your Deck. You receive 9 Basic Shrines of the Aspect of which you have the most cards, and 6 Basic Shrines of your second Aspect. Since the Hero counts as a card as well, there cannot be a draw.


All normal Rules of Play apply to Trials as well. The only difference is how the Decks are constructed.

It is impossible to play against the AI in Trial Mode.

End of a Trial RunEdit

A Trial Run ends after you have lost three times or won ten times with a deck. Before that, you can always retire the deck and thus end the run prematurely.


Depending of the number of games you have won in a run, you will get a rewards:

# of Wins Reward
0 1 Small Pack
1 2 Small Packs, 1000 Gold
2 1 Normal Pack, 2500 Gold
3 1 Normal Pack, 5000 Gold
4 1 Normal Pack, 7500 Gold
5 1 Normal Pack, 10000Gold
6 1 Normal Pack, 12500Gold
7 1 Normal Pack, 15000Gold
8 2 Normal Packs, 17500 Gold
9 3 Normal Packs, 20000 Gold
10 5 Normal Packs, 35000 Gold


The Trial Mode was introduced during the closed beta with Patch 0.67 (May 27th 2015)